Buy Caviar Prerolled Joint



Buy Caviar Prerolled Joint

Buy Caviar Prerolled Joint

This Joint from Kayak Cannabis is a high-quality, strain-specific pre-roll that’s a great value for the price at around.

If icing and sprinkles got together that’s a caviar joint – sort of. Flowers marry sticky sap and get sprinkled with kief. Kief powder is derived from dried flowers, which is formed on the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant as the resin glands known as trichome glands give up their pollen when the flowers are dried. This powdery pollen is then added back with some form of sticky goodness (hash oil, cannabis distillate, or other concentrate). After the dried flowers are coated with your choice of sticky resin, you then add the powdered kief back in, which sticks to flowers.


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